This book and website was created based on the personal growth lessons of Blessed Answer.  She has battled rape, PTSD, childhood sexual abuse, long term unemployment, depression, relationship problems, suicidal feelings and found peace.

Crisis Clearing tells you how you can make it through life’s hardest problems and laugh be happy even look forward to a great future.  Keep reading and begin to feel the healing cleansing balm that is written in this book. 

Crisis Clearing By Blessed Answer. Have you ever wanted to get away from it all?  Most people want to be happy and they are constantly looking for peace.

 Did you ever want to go to a secret private place where all the problems & heartache disappeared? A happy peaceful place that was free of worries, pain or fear.  First of all it is impossible to progress without clarity.

The pursuit of happiness in not just some careless activity.  We need calm, quiet, times to foster the goals and dreams we have.

Furthermore, there is truth and reality in the secrets we repeat in our hearts. Consequently the things you meditate on become your life.

Therefore, the bible says that as a man thinks in his heart so he is.  So who are you in your heart?  No really think about it.  What do you envision yourself to be in your heart of hearts?

Is it peaceful, happy, clear? Or has your self-perception become distorted?  Well God loves you and he does not want you to stay in a hurting unhealthy place.  Therefore, a result of your previous thoughts the most noteworthy lesson is  that thoughts become your experiences. Yet the power needed for you to become your best self is waiting for you here, enjoy it now!

In all reality all the love, peace, happiness, clarity, and strength  we want God wants to give us.  Scripture is key.  It is especially relevant that God wants you to have an awesome life and the keys to that unlock you are written in the bible.

As a result meditating on powerful truths heal, cleanse and free us.  Furthermore the most powerful meditations come from the word of God; hence Crisis Clearing was inspired by scriptural meditation’s, powerful impact in the life of the Author Blessed Answer.  Another fact is that self-soothing is one of the most basic forms of comfort.

Conclusively let this meditation expansion become part of your self soothing inner voice when you are going through; and remember you are going through.  You don’t have to live there.  One of the first concepts I will explore is a small portion of the first mediation of the book Crisis Clearing by Blessed Answer.

Crisis Clearing is about navigating yourself during an emotionally challenging time.  It is the guide book on how to regain and retain yourself when things in life want to rob you of you. No matter what you have been through, the words of this book and the meditations will soothe and heal your heart.  Take a stand with me today and challenge the challenges.  Let’s navigate this time together.