About Crisis Clearing Healing Pain

Have you ever been in so much pain that you cannot think, or breathe?  Has pain ever gripped you and it felt like it would never let go?

Crisis Clearing was born when Blessed Answer encountered real turmoil in her life.  The book was not written as an extremely long fluff piece.  Nor is it a tell all or any about Blessed Answer.

Rather what you will find in every paragraph and sentence is a powerful road map to unlock your crisis.  A word of encouragement or even a lifeline when you don’t have any.

Crisis Clearing by Blessed Answer was written for you.  As a result of her pain Ms Blessed found a way out of pain, torment and suffering.  Written in these pages is a way to clear your head, heart and mind of pain, so that you can sing, laugh and smile again.

About Blessed Answer

As a person who has known more than her share of challenges Blessed is happy to be able to write and share the techniques she used in order to free herself from the chains that bind and blind people in a hard place.   Meditation is a tool for the mind and these meditations are for everyone.

Remember Crisis Clearing is not just to help you to stay afloat in a harsh environment or uncomfortable situation it is going to help you to build yourself to your desired destination.  Coming Soon Custom Meditations.

These techniques are supposed to be used as is, or modified for your individual situation. Even focusing on two positive words can help you retain yourself in the midst of the impossible and bring you out on the other side happy with a genuine smile and real peace

This website was made to promote the book Crisis Clearing and to uplift all people who have ever experienced a challenging situation and every one else too.