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Your thoughts and feelings are so very important to us.  As a result of our desire to help you, we want you to feel free to drop us a line.  We are excited to hear from you.  Most noteworthy is the form below is where you can fill out all your awesome contact information. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to communicate with us. We are here to help.

We are a part of your resource team. If you send us a note we will get back to you. Please check out our Free Meditation Page. It will help you so much during a challenging time.

“I remember laying down in the hospital wondering what in the world I was going to do when a brand new crisis of epidemic proportions arose in my life. How was I going to cope with life I had now.  How could I cope with the bowl of life in front of me.

It was at that moment that I had to go to my own book in the amazon store and press play on my Kindle. I listened to page one – three in my book then I listened to the first paragraph. Until I could breathe, think, exist and cope with the tragedy that was sitting in my lap.

My own book saved my life and my sanity and gave me the power to fight to win again. I wrote this book based on real survival techniques that I want you to have.

I choose to be free and this is a quality path to follow when you want to deliver yourself from evil you are not irredeemably dirty you will get past this.”

This stuff works and we want to help you work it.


If you need prayer or advice please don’t hesitate to leave your information and your message below so we can get back to you quickly.

Did you know? We are about to start doing live Periscope sessions! We are so excited! Please send us topics you would like to discuss or have covered during our live sessions. More information will be coming soon. It is beneficial to have live guided meditations form someone who understands the need to have mental focus and clarity when it is not easy.

I am so excited to share these sessions with you. In the mean time please check out our meditation page

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